A bag of smiles launched ….

Kriss Venugopal shares different virtues of life in ‘All You Need is a bag of smiles’ for kids December 8, 2019. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India – In the present day and age, when virtues are fast vanishing, Kriss Venugopal’s “All you need is a bag of smiles” (published by McTONS) paints the shades of life in a different tone, reiterating the need […]

Once upon a time …

“Long Long ago, very long ago, o one knows how long ago….Once upon a time in a far off land…”These are ways we were told the stories we bear it in our mind even today. I recall sitting with my sister, next to the reclining chair of our grandfather, who would come back from work, have his dinner and then […]

The morning sun…

The clouds were blanket of warmthWhen the sun was still to wake for the dayThe cool breeze made him smile a bitAnd made him lazy as in sleep he layHe peeped through the clouds shyly onceSaw the world yet to wake for the dayHe knew its time for him to wake the worldAnd shine his best for the wonderful dayThe […]

The art of story telling!

Even the toughest of the subjects can be easily taught to anyone with the aid of stories. The Indian system of teaching too has been embedded in stories and story telling. Our great masters taught us about life with stories and anecdotes. The Mahabharatha, Bhagavatham and the upanishads are the right examples for these. Allegories, Fantasies and more are just […]