About the bag of smiles …

Books for kids are in plenty and with the advent of apps and social media, the options are myriad. But what we are missing out in the next generation is the art of storytelling with a way to guide children in how to narrate and how to enjoy its benefits. The book “All you need is a bag of smiles…” is designed for kids and has 12 virtue based stories in it, which will expose them to the art of storytelling with a difference.

A dozen fresh new stories just for kids blending in prose and poetry alike in a simple way. The book is to have a digital interface with 12 narrated stories like an audio book available on the website and 12 tracks with background score for the kids to read along in style rekindling the art of storytelling. Each chapter would have a work page where the kids can draw about what they read.

The USP of the book is that this is a little more than just another story book. It promotes the art of storytelling with right way to pronounce, intonate and modulate English in the proper manner and improve their language and act as an edutainment tool. The book promotes reading, creativity and the stories are free of any bias and are universal.

About the author …

Kriss Venugopal, pursued a media career, starting it with On stage MC-ing and TV shows, after a few jobs in the corporate world post his graduation as a Civil Engineer. Having spent over two decades in media as a blogger, TV anchor, Radio Jock, Programming head, Voice artist, Voice coach and an actor in film and TV. He is currently a practicing hypnotherapist, a dream he pursued after completing a Masters in Applied Psychology. Currently he pursues a degree in law.

Over 15000 hours on Radio, more than 200 hours as a TV host, an acting career spanning over a dozen Soaps and Movies, has driven his passion towards media. Writing started with blogs and formal official writing, but changed its course with a dear friends son wanting to bedtime story. He writes web content for clients, scripts for Radio production, trains in stress management and has an innate drive towards spirituality. Love for languages and the written word made him write in English, Malayalam and Tamil.

Poetry is yet another passionate ground, which he enjoys each day. More about his work and writing on www.kristheiyer.com

The team behind the bag of smiles …

Abhimanyu AJ – Graphic Artist

A part time Graphic designer, pursuing Applied Art as his mains in Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum. He has his experience as a designer in Red Zone designing center as designer and also has worked for Women’s police Battalion as an illustrator. His Typographical work for Cliff stories resorts, and expertise in Brand Designing for Smart Builders are just a few more feathers in the crown as a budding artist.

Gops Brahma – Cover page Designer

Nikhil Varma – Sound Designer

A graduate in Audio Production from SAE London, Sound Engineer and Designer Nikhil Varma has more than ten years experience as production sound mixer/designer/recordist for animated movies and various corporate, feature and short films. He has vast in-studio and on location experience in designing  sound as per narrative. He has diverse post-production experience in sound design, location recording, track laying, foley, dialog editing, surround mixing and ADR. Ayaal Sassi, Across the Ocean, Ormmayil Oru Sishiram, Across the River and Metro Park TV series are some of his prominent works. During his radio days he used to work on the production of a lot of radio dramas which created an interest in creating drama with voice, sound effects and music alone.

Praveen Ophelia – Layout Artist

Rajma Roshan – Voice Artist

With a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Communication from Bharathiyar University, she has her Masters in Digital Communication and Media from the Garden City College of Science and Management Studies with a true passion for media, Rajma is a voice artist and emcee settled in UAE. Her work speaks for itself, just as her first short as a director, “Dia”, done as a part of her course, was where she adorned the lead character Dia, she won the second best actress award for the short film.

Sreedevi Pillai – Editor

An IT Professional with a flair for writing and Literature, Sreedevi Pillai, has a degree in Computer Science and a Professional Doctorate in Engineering specialized in Software Architecture and Design. But innate talents still find their way, which makes her pursue her training in Mohiniyattam. Being a passionate reader herself, her finesse in language makes her a versatile writer and editor too. 

Thulasi Priya – In charge publications

A Nature lover who loves to “Live in present”. An independent multi-talented, who always have an urge to learn and implement innovative methodology for continual improvement.  Strong believer of respecting the “Value of People, Time and Money”.

A competent dynamic HR & Counselling Hypnotherapist by profession for 20 years & moved as a freelance trainer cum consultant for more than 12 years now by upgrading herself as NLP & Psychoneurobics practitioner which makes her programs beyond training. Travelling being her core interest with an added desire of knowing people and their culture, she conducts unique & empowering training programs Pan India for different audience from kindergarten to adult with storytelling and concept learning as a KEY. Training and Counselling being her passion, she addressed in television shows as a guest speaker in various segments like – Youth Empowerment, Mind your Mind, Soft Skills for Successful Life. As she accepts people as they are, she inspires & celebrates the excellence in every individual in a holistic way. Her step into writing and reading now is to inculcate every individual to enhance their reading and writing skills in their own style as reading sharpens one’s mind and stimulates the imagination skills which everyone possesses.

A human with good sense of humor who believe in the power of Universe, lead a simple Life who keeps her “Child within” active always and in all ways.

LIFE is all about Living & Learning!