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Kriss Venugopal shares different virtues of life in ‘All You Need is a bag of smiles’ for kids

December 8, 2019. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India – In the present day and age, when virtues are fast vanishing, Kriss Venugopal’s “All you need is a bag of smiles” (published by McTONS) paints the shades of life in a different tone, reiterating the need of such virtues in life, was released on December 8, 2019 by renowned Magician Gopinath Muthukad at The Magic Planet, KINFRA Park, Kazhakkoottam. A unique effort to try and revive the art of storytelling and instill the virtues at a very young age, by bring the book out in print as well as its audio versions.

As practicing hypnotherapist and a media man (radio, television and movies) for the past two decades, Kriss saw the lives of people and understands the need of these virtues in the next generation. These writings a cloud of fantasy blended with traces of images of life and what he saw in it, points to the necessity of such humane virtues and human emotions. Day by day the number of young members of the society approach him or parents bring them for stress management or ailments, have one thing in common, lack of love, affection and the virtues.

In the book, “All you need is a bag of smiles”, Kriss invites readers and story tellers to join the protagonists of each story on a poignant journey through life. Each story gives the reader as well as the listener a new direction. The reader has a choice to read out the stories, or read them themselves or listen to it narrated in the audio form in male or female voice. They also get an opportunity to narrate them with background score as the music for each story is available on the website along with the audio books on www.thebagofsmiles.com

Kriss believes that the virtues in a person create magic in life. “All you need is a bag of smiles” is a collection of 12 stories, which were specifically written with the imaginative creativity of children and the subtle art of making them understand the need of the essential virtues like love, care, selflessness, gratitude and creative visualizations. “read, read out and narrate the stories to bring back the Indian tradition of storytelling, a powerful yet diminishing art” says Kriss Venugopal.

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